Protecting your Car from Colour Stains during Holi

Protecting your Car from Colour Stains during Holi

Colourful Life Experiences. That’s what most of us wish for, to temporarily move away from our daily routines. Every year, Holi, an auspicious fun-festival of colours, provides sufficient opportunities to play and unwind without care. Unfortunately, it doesn’t produce favourable situations for our cars!

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Travel Insurace Policy

What Must be Covered in Your Travel Insurance Policy?

COVID-19 certainly brought tragedies for many Indians; however, it also managed to highlight insurance’s importance. Starting from Health insurance whose relevance cannot be downplayed, as the nation of 135 billion moves towards the post-pandemic normal, we could now see a similar focus on Travel insurance.

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Vehicle Insurance

How to Check Vehicle Insurance Policy Status

Vehicle or Motor Insurance now constitutes the largest sector of the general insurance industry in India. In spite of an alarming situation where more than five out of every ten motor vehicles in the country are still uninsured, the awareness of getting a two-wheeler or four-wheeler insurance has considerably increased. Consequently, the number of claims has also gone up. 

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Best Health Insurance Policies & Plans for Senior Citizens in India

“Health, Medicare, Hospitalizations” – Since last nine months, the world, including India, has been battling Coronavirus, and these three words are invariably now a part of most conversations. 

COVID or No-COVID, health challenges in our country, the need for adequate healthcare for all and relevance of health insurance are not being highlighted for the first time.

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