Baggage Delay & Baggage Loss Covers through International Travel Insurance

2019, the pre-COVID year, witnessed almost 2.7 crore Indians travelling abroad. The number of individuals stepping outside the country for leisure or other purposes has been exponentially going up since 2000 and is set to touch the 5 crore mark by 2022. 

Travel insurance or international travel insurance is acknowledged as must-have protection that takes care of financial and medical emergencies during overseas journeys. 

Chances of falling ill, getting injured, cancelling or changing the trip, amending plans, loss of baggage or baggage delays are some of the prominent reasons why purchasing international travel insurance is necessary before offshore travel. 

While international travel insurance policy brings multiple benefits, Baggage Delay and Baggage Loss covers for checked-in baggage are often the most discussed. Considering airlines across the world still manage to mislay over 2.5 crore bags each year, it’s not surprising. 

Let’s explain Baggage Delay, Baggage Loss, the insurance covers, their claims/limitations, and what you should do when your checked-in baggage is delayed or lost.

Baggage Delay/Causes

  • You arrive; however, your bags/luggage don’t turn up. 
  • Baggage is flown via a different flight and a longer route. 
  • Extreme weather situations creating challenges for baggage-handlers in unloading bags.  
  • Unusually-long time taken to unload all the bags.

Baggage Delay Travel Insurance Cover

  • Included in international travel insurance.
  • Provides reimbursement for the checked-in baggage (personal items worn/used by you) when delayed for more than a specified period, as mentioned in the insurance policy. 

Baggage Loss Scenarios

  • You arrive; however, your bags/luggage don’t turn up. 
  • Baggage is flown via a different flight and a longer route. 
  • Human errors, baggage loaded to another luggage cart, incorrect destination airport code typed amongst others. 
  • Baggage-tag or routing label misprinting and damage. 

Baggage Loss Insurance Cover

  • Included in international travel insurance.
  • Offers reimbursement for the complete checked-in baggage when permanently lost, stolen, misdirected and not delivered at the final destination. 

Claims & Limitations

  • If the Baggage Delay is claimed to realise later that it was lost, the airline’s compensation will be adjusted according to the amount already paid to you. 
  • The Baggage Loss cover is payable only in case of entire baggage loss and not partial loss/damage. 
  • If a specific amount has been paid by the carrier, the cover will merely pay the remaining amount/difference and not the full value. 
  • All claims need to be verified by the airline personnel.

What To Do when Baggage is Delayed or Lost

  • Reach out to the grievance counter at the airport or airline office. 
  • Inform them about the delay in baggage arrival.
  • May ask for suitable compensation for replacing essential items while waiting for the baggage.
  • Receive a written PIR (Property Irregularity Report) from the airline, validating the baggage delay and compensation presented.  
  • File a claim with your travel insurance company at the earliest.

Recovering-economies, more disposable income, increased tourism, availability of attractive packages, ease of online travel bookings, and comprehensive holiday coverages. These are the key factors that will drive the global travel insurance market to expand at a CAGR of over 17% from 2020 and reach $ 39.3 billion by 2027.

A growing number of foreign travellers in India and better awareness of travel insurance advantages are creating significant opportunities. Simultaneously, buying international travel insurance could be mandatory for unrestricted travel in a post-pandemic ecosystem. 

Irrespective of what the future holds, international travel insurance translates into peace of mind and worry-free travel experiences.  

Explore, compare single or multi-trip international travel policies from top insurance providers, get a free quote, and finalise the appropriate one before your next travel.

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