Protecting your Car from Colour Stains during Holi

Protecting your Car from Colour Stains during Holi

Colourful Life Experiences. That’s what most of us wish for, to temporarily move away from our daily routines. Every year, Holi, an auspicious fun-festival of colours, provides sufficient opportunities to play and unwind without care. Unfortunately, it doesn’t produce favourable situations for our cars!

Holi has often been described as a colour riot that breaks all age barriers, involves young and old arming themselves with dry pigments, coloured water balloons and guns to drench each other with all the passion at their command.

There are no reasons to limit the joy such festivities offer; however, enough aspects to worry-about as car owners.

  • Colour stains could damage the exteriors and paintwork of your car.
  • Oxidized metals, industrial dyes and engine oil mixed colours could leave permanent stains.
  • Splashing of colours may spoil the interiors and upholstery.
  • Lead to tedious and expensive stain-removal procedures.

The Solution? Precaution, Prevention & Protection.

Helpful Tips for Protecting your Car from Colour Stains during Holi

1] Park the Car & Cover It

  • Prefer a closed parking space.
  • While parking in the open or on the road, pick a spot with minimal chances of people playing Holi.
  • Use a car cover; opt for the plastic and not the fibre ones.
  • Make sure the wheels are appropriately covered.

2] Wax/Polish/Teflon Coating

  • Wash the car before taking it out.
  • Apply wax/polish/Teflon coating.

3] Secure the Interiors

  • Keep car windows rolled up.
  • Change into clean clothes before entering the car after playing Holi.

4] Take Precautions for Safeguarding Interiors

  • Utilise plastic/polythene bags, mats, old towels, curtains, cling films or food wraps for covering the boot, seats, dashboard, steering wheel, gear knob, headrests and inside-door handles.
  • Use a leather protector for avoiding the discolouration of leather seats.
  • Carry shampoo, cleaning brush and napkins for wiping stains.

5] No Harsh/Household Detergents for Cleaning at Home

  • Refrain from using inorganic chemicals/acids.
  • Choose dedicated and well-known car-care products.

6] Avail Deep Cleansing Services from Professionals

  • Inside-out deep cleaning, including floor mats, AC or the exhaust tip.
  • Try to book an appointment well in advance before Holi and reduce the waiting time.

The majority of Indians do not merely consider cars as comfortable means of transport. A private four-wheeler is usually a priced-possession for many, bought out of hard-earned money and accumulated savings.

Festivals as popular and vibrant as Holi bring smiles and a sense of togetherness. At the same time, carelessness can turn your vehicle into a victim of celebrations and result in an uncalled-for financial burden.

Being cautious, hiring a cab whenever possible, ensuring timely arrangements and buying car insurance before Holi can certainly protect your ride from colour stains and consequential headaches.

At Quickinsure, explore multiple car insurance policies by comparing features, benefits and quotes from all established insurance companies in India, and finalise a suitable one for yourself.

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